Essay on mother having breast cancer

Another study concluded that women with a breast cancer history were at higher risk of delivering a preterm birth (PTB), low birthweight (LBW), and small for gestational age (SGA) infant, especially if they received chemotherapy or gave birth within 2 years of their breast cancer diagnosis date changing the prior paradigm (Black et al.

). According to the American Cancer Society, Each year, more than 200, 000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer; furthermore Twelve percent of all women will contract the disease, and 3. 5 of them will die from breast cancer (American Cancer Society, 2005). Essay about Personal Experience: My Mother Had Cancer Personal statement Emptiness, confusion, uncertainty, suspense, but above all, fear.

These emotions hit me like lightning, and they were definitely too much to handle for an 11 year old. In the local scene, it is estimated that one in every 1, 800 Filipinos will suffer from cancer every year (Philippines Breast Cancer, 2008).

Based on the 2005 Cancer Facts and Estimates (cited in A Look at Cancer, 2007), approximately 39, 929 men and 32, 917 women were diagnosed with cancer that year. Jessica and her mom in 2002, before her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I was 10 years old, I walked into my parents bathroom to find my dad shaving my mothers head. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was starting to lose her hair from the chemotherapy.

A woman talks about her mom's breast cancer diagnosis, and what it taught her about womanhood and life. My mother's brave battle with cancer