Add facebook like button to thesis theme

While numerous plugins do exist, some of which combine more than one social media networks version of Like (e. g. plus, follow, share) buttons, the maintenance, simplicity, and low resource consumption of a custom function (PHP) make this a userpreferred method for adding Like buttons in Thesis.

Facebook Like Button Thesis is a great wordpress theme but it takes some getting used to. You are no longer editing a file called single. php youre using hooks to add in content and change things around. FaceBook has deprecated the Share button in favor of the Like button as such, the information in the article is no longer valid, and should not be relied upon.

If youre using the Thesis Theme Framework, its easy to add the Facebook Share button to each of your WordPress articles. If you are using an old version of Thesis Theme then I recommend you to safely upgrade thesis theme. Add Facebook Like button in Single post. As we all know that Thesis Add Facebook Like Button To Thesis Theme May 10, 2010 By Jeremy Blake 4 Comments You may have noticed the Like button that I added under my post title. Apr 02, 2013 In this video you will learn how to add sharing buttons to your WooCommerce product pages under Thesis theme.

How to install Jetpack plugin and how to disable the unnecessary Jetpack addons. If youre looking for a completely customized WordPress theme you can build yourself, I recommend purchasing Thesis.

Step 1: Download and install the free Thesis In this example, we will add Facebook Like button and Twitter Share Button in Thesis Teaser. If you have selected button codes, then move to Step 3. If you have selected button codes, then move to Step 3.