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Unfortunately (well actually I don't feel unfortunate about it other than this case), my parents are Chinese and I have a Chinese name (surname and given name). I'm trying to move to China to become an English teacher and been sending resumes across and it's been very difficult. Also depending on where I'm applying, I'll add my Chinese name.

Tailor your resume to each place you're applying for, and yeah that includes how you write your name: Even Resume chinese name your Chinese is at the beginner level, adjusting your resume to Chinese formatting standards brings you one step closer to an interview. Basic Information ( ) A Chinese resume usually features a professional photo at the top right corner, and a list of your personal information to the left. Apr 12, 2017 Unless you're applying for the HK office where a Chinese name would make the HR think you are not those ABCs that only speak kitchen Chinese, always put an English name on your resume.

Always. You would be fking surprised to know how huge a difference it makes, especially for international students. Tips: Change your CV name to more formal file when sending your resume. E. g. Full Name ResumeCV company name (Optional) Chinese Resume Sample. To make things easier for you to learn how to write a CV in Chinese, we've provided sample resumes in English and Chinese (both in Word. doc format); right click and select Job search objectives can be in multiple choice, so make sure you are using the correct terms in Chinese.

Health condition and marriage status are also common items in a Chinese resume. This can be a culture shock for those used to Western resumes. This will affect how you send an email, leave a voice message and even what you name your resume file.

Common naming questions The name on your resume does not necessarily need to be your legal name. Travelling With please include names of everyone you plan to travel with to the U. S. If you name your resume janedoeresume. doc, Jane Doe Resume. doc, or JaneDoeResume. pdf, the employer will know whose resume it is at a glance and be able to associate it with the rest of your materials and application.

Jun 07, 2013 Legal name vs Preferred name on resume? I've recently heard from a friend that it's better to just have your preferrednickname on Resume chinese name resume, because employers may not like names that sounds foreign.