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O. Henrys Gift of the Magi was a story not only about the sacrifices made in love but the fear of breaking tradition. Della Dillingham sacrificed her hair to buy a gift of appreciation for the loving husband who provided for her. This lesson provides essay questions to use with The Gift of the Magi by O.

Henry. These questions can be used for written assignments andor can be used to spark discussions in class. The Gift of the Magi is a short story with The Great Christmas Gift The story of the Gift of the Magi shows Della's courage to fight against short income, persistence to struggle with horrible life, and the ability to deal with adversities to forgo her favorite thing in very critical situation. The Gift of Magi allows Essay on the gift of magi reader to be able to relate to this love story with a heartwarming theme of love vs.

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Dec 15, 1988  [In the following essay, Ward considers O. Henry's impact on the American short story and deems The Gift of the Magi the pinnacle of his literary achievement. Many English readers in the present generation received their first introduction to the American language in O. Henry's pages. In the short story The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry, the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dillingham Young sacrificed their most prized possessions for one another. They did this in order to buy each other nice Christmas presents.

Hearty Gifts such as the Della and Jims in The Gift of the Magi Essay example The story of The Gift of the MAGI by O. Henry is about a couple, Della and Jim, who trying to make each other happy by buying gift in Christmas day. How can the answer be improved? Essay about Analysis of O'Henry's Short Story, The Gift of the Magi 891 Words 4 Pages. OHenrys The Gift of the Magi O. Henrys short story The Gift of the Magi, is about a couple who most unwisely sacrificed for Thus OHenrys The Gift of the Magi is a masterpiece that revolves around Gifts, Sacrifice, Love, poverty and Happiness.

O Henry has very correctly compared the characters of the story with the Magi the wise men that gave gifts to the babe and invented the art of giving and receiving gifts in Christmas, for James and Della had