2 page homework excuse

I totally forgot about my homework, I must've smoked too much weed. My goal is to become a pro athlete, so playing sports seemed like a better use of my time. I'm too upset about the destruction of the world's rainforests to focus on my homework.

This excuse again depends on the homework that you are given. If your homework requires the use of a computer or laptop; you can give this reason.

You can just say that I have completed half of my task, but unfortunately my laptop automatically shut down and it was too late to find any repair shop open. These aren't just good homework excuses; they're the 10 best homework excuses. slide 1 of 2 We've all needed good homework excuses at some time in our academic lives.

Jul 30, 2018  Know that in many cases, youll need a written excuse from a doctor or clinic to prove to your teacher that you had to seek medical care, and werent able to complete your homework. 3 Ask a parent to write an excuse for you. 10 Best Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework August 2, 2012 by Ananya RaoMiddleton Im sure most, if not all students, have at least a few times (or more! ) during school where theyve handed in a homework assignment late, and so as not to get into trouble, given an excuse to their teacher as to why they couldnt complete their me and CBBC These are stupid excuses by the way.

Need an excuse for losing your homework? Then this is for you. Click play to create it. Click TEACHER to see if the teacher beleives it. Click the locks to keep something when you spin it again. If you have anything you want to add plz put in comments Dec 16, 2007 Here are some excuses I have heard from students in grades 412 and college.

Some will make you laugh, while some will make you wonder Excuses for Not Doing Homework Teachers in all levels of education, from elementary school through college, have heard excuses for not doing homework.

Some of those excuses can be truly ridiculous, such as this classic: My dog ate my homework. When you've spent all morning planning a lazy afternoon and your teacher drops a massive homework to complete by tomorrow. Top 30 Homework Excuses. If 2 page homework excuse an educator, you've undboubtedly heard your fair share of excuses from students who don't have their assigned homework with them, which can range from plausible to hilariously absurd.

We've compiled some of the BEST homework excuses that educators in our Facebook community have heard during their time in the wacky world of teaching.