Plan ii thesis symposium

There is no special formatting or paper required for the body of the Plan II MS report (unlike the Plan I MS thesis which must follow strict Graduate Division guidelines); 1 copy (including a blank signature page and abstract) uploaded to the EECS Department Website online submission form. Thesis Thesis Requirement Thesis Grants Thesis Symposia Model Theses Model Theses 2018 2017 Visit Plan II Honors. High School juniors and seniors are invited to attend a Plan II Information session during the Fall or Spring.

Registration is required. Plan II Senior Thesis Symposium Every November and April, seniors in the Plan II Honors Program present their original thesis research in a series of oral presentations.

The Senior Thesis Symposium typically has multiple sessions covering a wide range of interdisciplinary topics including literature, science, history, creative writing, music All are welcome at the Plan II Senior Thesis Symposium, happening this Sunday afternoon on the basement level of CLA. Full program of topics and presenters on our website! UT College of Liberal Arts: The thesis symposium requirement is an informal academic conference during which EHP students give 12minute presentations about their theses.

Faculty, staff, students, alumni and family are invited to attend and participate in the Q& A session that follows each presentation. Plan II. Students may pursue an engineering and Plan II degree In the fourth and final year, the Plan II Thesis provides the opportunity for students to synthesize knowledge and experience by writing a thesis that prescribes a solution to a social problem Supervisor, Twenty Plan II Senior Theses, one Engineering Honors Senior Thesis, 2011 present, one Master of Science in Sustainable Design Thesis, 2016present Reader, Master of Fine Arts in Design Thesis in the College of Fine Arts, Spring 2015 For Plan II (NonThesis) Students, the research report should be no more than 4 pages (single spaced, 11point font, 0.

5 inch margins) and include the specific hypothesis that Plan ii thesis symposium will be testing, relevant background, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. M. S. Degree, Plan II (without Thesis) 1. Course Requirements. A minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework is required, including.

At least 25 credit hours with a letter grade (i. e.not PassFail) Receiving an invitation to speak at a symposium or conference. NeilKamil Personal( Austin, Texas