How to write a business value statement

How to write a vision statement. A vision statement is a short phrase or sentence that describes the enduring purpose of your business. To distinguish the vision statement from other statements, remember the following list: Your mission statement describes who you are and what you hope to achieve. How can the answer be improved? Hi. My name is Erica Olsen. This white board session is on how to create a value statement. What is a value statement? A value statement explains what you believe in and its really a set of values as you would expect, 57, that articulate what your team, the people in your organization, believe in and hold true.

Make sure the statement is descriptive enough and is measurable to determine progress toward the vision. 6. Clarify the Mission.

After the vision statement is written, go through a similar exercise to define the organizations mission. Remember a mission statement describes why the organization exists. A values statement can also help a business attract better employees and generate more partnerships with community institutions. Create the Project Team. Treat the creation of a values statement as a project that will include input from a variety of participants. Name a project leader, who might be a single person who eventually writes the statement.

The social networking sites mission statement, characteristically, is fewer than 140 characters, a move that helps the statement embody the Writing a value statement analysis is a complex job and it requires multiple minds to ponder and think what should be your company values. It is important that you exhaust all ideas that you thing is important so that you can keep up with a value statement that encompasses all the aspects of the company.