Chontal maya religion essay

Mayan texts describe religious rituals, astronomy, and divination, and are the most valuable source of information on the ancient civilization. The most famous of these texts is the Popol Vuh ( ), which was written in Quich, a highland Maya language, nd translated into Spanish by a priest. Catholicism, Maya religion: Related ethnic groups; Ch'ol, other Maya peoples: The Chontal Maya are a Maya people of the Mexican state of Tabasco. " Chontal"from the Nahuatl word for chontalli, which means" foreigner"has been applied to various ethnic groups in Mexico.

The Chontal Maya believe in an afterlife in which one is rewarded or punished for having led a good or evil life. Traditional Catholic Chontal Maya believe that communication with the dead is possible and that dead friends and relatives can function as intermediaries between the living and the saints. Chontal Maya, also known as Yoko ochoco and Acalan, is a Maya language of the Cholan family spoken by the Chontal Maya people of the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Chontal Maya is spoken in Nacajuca, Centla, El Centro, Jonuta, and Macuspana. chontal maya religion essay. what is introduction in research paper key. write dissertation online. Essay concluding paragraphs. myself essay paragraph spacing. background of a research paper letter. industrial revolution research paper zambia. microwave oven food safety research paper. Knowledge of the Chontal language is therefore the most important social indicator of Chontal ethnic identity.

Chontal Mayan has many dialects. The oldest known dialect of Chontal is exemplified in the MaldonadoPaxbolon Papers (Scholes and Roys 1968; Smailus 1975), which were written between 1610 and 1612. Among the Chontal Maya, expressive culture is focused primarily on religion. Music, drama, and art are part of all religious and ritual events.

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