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A millennial commentator shares her reaction to joining the ranks of the Foreign Service community. BY JESSIE BRYSON. I am a trailing spouse. This isnt a diagnosis for my own midlife crisis or some existential metaphor for my relationship status.

Trailing Spouse, La Paz, Bolivia, Lived at 12, 500 feet above sea level in a 15th floor apartment with an iffy elevator. Admired snowcapped Andes out the window. In some cases, trailing spouses have a set of skills that are marketable in the city they're leaving but not in the new location. When that happens, McDonald says, relocation specialists will train spouses in skills that are marketable in the new city.

Devise a cover letter that explains why you're looking for a new job. It's perfectly acceptable to mention that your job search is based on your spouse's relocation employers understand the trailingspouse explanation for seeking employment.

And, if you're a trailing spouse who's moving to the area, indicate that in your cover letter. However, if you're relocating for a possible relationship, simply say that you're looking for career opportunities in a new city.

Your resume should describe your skills and qualifications, but it's also a way to let the recruiter or hiring For the uninitiated, a trailing spouse or partner is the member of the duo or family who has agreed to give priority to the career, job offer, opportunity, or assignmentorders of the other member of the family leadership team.

6 Alternatives For Your Trailing Spouse During Relocation If youre considering a career change that requires relocation, a trailing spouse who works can sometimes pose a dilemma if you find a job before your spouse does.

Sometimes your spouse gets a great new job but it's across Resume spouse trailing country. If you decide that the new job is worth moving for, you become what is known as a" trailing spouse. " And while you can be really excited for your spouse's new job, if you have to go find a new gig now, it can be a pain in the neck.

Career concerns for the trailing spouse is a top 10 issue in addition to family resistance to the move. Thats a lot of risk, and highlights the absolute necessity for comprehensive predecision planning and quality family support solutions. If you're a soontobe or current trailing partner, heed these five tips for a successful job search: Research the Local Job Market ASAP" We moved so quickly one month between the decision to move and my girlfriend's start date that I didn't spend as much time as I should have checking out the job market in Salt Lake, " says McKenzie.