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The homework pass was the holy grail for all elementary school students. No homework meant a whole open afternoon, free to go outside or stay in and play Sonic the Hedgehog (If you grew up in the nineties anyway). Printable Homework Pass Template This homework pass template shows an illustration of a page of homework and a pencil.

(Cost FREE) Printable Homework Pass Template This homework pass template shows an This pass is selfcreated. I included it as a Microsoft Word Document so you can edit the name and such. Then pass each student a sheet of nice stationery. Have the students write return letters to you. In this letter, they will need to answer some of Printable Happy Birthday No Homework Pass Templates Teachers can keep the kids in their classroom motivated by giving students Happy Birthday No Homework passes as a reward.

Free birthday pass template. This is a great classroom tool for any occasion you might need a no homework coupon or homework pass. Holiday and Birthday designs are also available for you to select. Follow the easy steps below to create custom, printable ballots for kids. Printable Homework Pass to be used in place of one homework assignment can be signed by the teacher before given to the student as a reward for good behavior or a job well done.

Five different designs are used on each page of the homework passes. This coupon entitles to a free homework assignment. Attach this coupon to the assignment for full credit. (Daily work assignments ONLY! ) No Homework Pass. Two passes per page, each featuring a boy doing homework with a red slash through him and the words" No Homework Tonight!

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