Resume with double major

Aug 27, 2009 I put it as a double major on my resume bc my school cause a double major. My wife was simply double majoring as well, but it just so happened one was a BS and the other was a BA.

She didn't find out until junior year that it made a difference. Dec 03, 2013 How to Include Double Major and Minor on Resume? Adding your majors and minors on your resume may seem like an easy task, but having proper formatting to ensure that it looks both professional and easy on the eyes can be a challenge.

Apr 16, 2018 Easy Resume Creator Free Download Bs Double Major Resume Resume. While the new aptitudes you should learn may appear overwhelming at first, by understanding the ideas and making your electronic resumes, you are well on your way to an proficient, successful Internet job search. You should ask your career office about how to mention your double major to make sure that whatever you do doesn't constitute" lying" on your resume.

0 Highlighting Resume with double major on your Resume Begin with the most recent degree, followed by the full name of the institution and its city and state. The month and year of graduation should also be listed.

Double Major 3. Master and Bachelor from different institutions 4. Master and Bachelor from same institution 5. Two Bachelor Degrees from same A double major, sometimes called dual major, is a student who completes two sets of degree requirements. In the United States, undergraduate programs toward a bachelor's degree often follow a liberal arts model, and have a set group or type of coursework (sometimes called distribution or core requirements) together with a specialization, If you've earned a double academic major in college, you're probably proud of that accomplishment and want to include it on your resume.

Even if both fields of study aren't directly related to the type of job you're applying for, it's appropriate to list them both, as long as you make it clear you Dec 28, 2009 How should one list a double major (not dual degree) on a resume? Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Math and Economics May 2008 Bachelor of Science, Math and Economics (Double Major) May 2008 Any other suggestions?

Home Career Career Advice Jobs Tips Should You Consider Multiple Majors or Minors? Examine the Pros and Cons A student with a double major in biology and philosophy was awarded a twoyear fellowship in bioethics by the National Institutes of Health. to certified resume writers whose expertise in the creation of application SAMPLE RESUME Addendum for Dual Degree Candidates EDUCATION Boston University Collaborative Degree Program Boston, MA College of Communication I agree that the resume is a marketing document and some employers may not care whether you graduated with a double major or earned a dual degree, but employers do care about the veracity of the resume.

Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Somewhere BusinessPsychology (Double Major) or. Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Somewhere Double Major: Business and Psychology and answering a question you didnt ask: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Univ How Do You List Two Degrees From the Same College on a Resume?

by Anonymous (Somewhere) I have two different degrees from the same college. Should I list the college twice with each degree under each entry or just list the name of the college with both degrees under it? I have a double major. Major in Business and also Biological A double major is when a student elects to study two majors from the same college, receiving one diploma with both majors stated on it.

Some colleges warn their students Resume with double major performing a double major does not necessarily benefit them when being considered for a graduate program or in career On the resume samples, " 20XX" indicates a year such as 2017.

Xs are used in place of numbers in the samples. In your resume, please use the full year such as 2016 or 2017 etc. Resumes with a Double Major. English Resume Sample (PDF) Gerontology Resume Sample (PDF) Resumes with Extensive Experience.