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Native American Relations With Puritan Settlers Essay Most people think EuropeanIndian relations were solely based on war. This might be true for many of the tribes and Europeans, but it was not the case for the Puritans and Indians living in Massachusetts. Risky Relations: A closer look at the relationships between Native Americans and European settlers during the seventeenth century At the start of the seventeenth century, Native Americans greeted European settlers with much excitement.

Throughout North America the tribes and cultures of Native Americans varied according to their geographical location. These cultures began to be disrupted with the immigration of European settlers. The three main cultures that emigrated from Europe to North America were the Spanish, English colonists, and the French.

Native and European Relations in Early America Essay 1394 Words 6 Pages. interaction, the social and political relations between the Native Americans and the Europeans had begun with much tension. Many Europeans came to the Americas with the intention of discovery.

Raids by Native Americans wipe out military outposts and religious missions. 1573: The Comprehensive Order for New Discoveries says that missionaries, not conquistadors, have to pacify the land. Franciscan friars set up missions in Nuevo Mxico (New Mexico) and attack Native Americans.

Mar 09, 2010 Contents. AmericanIndian Wars; Suspicion and hostility, stemming from technological and cultural differences as well as mutual feelings of superiority, have permeated relations betweenNative European and Native American Relations Essay Beginning in the sixteenth century, Europeans made the voyage to a new world in order to achieve dreams of opportunity and riches.

In this other world the Europeans came upon another people, which naturally led to a cultural exchange between different groups of people. Essay on Native American Relations Native American Relations During the numerous years of colonization, the relationship between the English settlers and the Native Americans of the area was usually the same.

Essay on European and Native American Relations 1436 Words 6 Pages century, Europeans made the voyage to a new world in order to